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What Makes Us Unique: There are thousands of web hosting companies online that offer web hosting services.  These businesses are typically impersonal and often require that you already know how to set up and manage a website - or at least be willing to figure things out.  This may be adequate for some users.  For others, this barebones assistance is sadly lacking.  We have all seen sites that have been set up and then abandoned because the owner does not have the knowledge and background to update the content. With, your site will never be abandoned - because we offer optional paid support that will help you keep your site updated.

Full Service Support: is unique and different because in addition, we offer full service support.  This support covers all aspects of your site from storyboarding to setup to on-going management and site promotion.  We commit to assisting you with on-going updates.  We provide the training for you to manage the site on your own and you are welcome to do so yourself.  If however you are unable to do so at any time, we will maintain, manage and update your site for you - at a fee. 

Experience:  We have over 10 years of specific web experience in supporting end-users.  We support users from a wide range of backgrounds - from users who are new to the web to "power users" who simply need to be pointed in the right direction.  We are familiar with solving the problems that you will encounter when putting together your website.  We speak your language.  We are on your side.

Values-Based:  We value your on-going business and relationship beyond immediate profit.  We have strong values that direct and influence our decision-making.  We also pride ourselves in honesty and integrity and value customer satisfaction above profit.

Giving Back: We are committed to giving back to the global community.  Our interest in particular is supporting projects in Africa and we support proudly organizations like Develop Africa that are making a definite impact in Africa.

Small Business, Non-Profit Organization, Personal / Family Focused: We are particulaly interested in assisting small business, non-profit / NGO organizations, personal and family websites.  Our experience extends beyond these areas and we would be happy to help you if your site falls outside these categories.

Consulting Assistance:  If you have specific requests of any type and want us to put together and manage your site in full, we will be happy to provide you with a quote and do this for you.  We will provide access to training resources that will help you manage your site.  If you simply need help in one specific area or in an enhancement on your site, we would be happy to assist.  We can also help in diverse areas such as link building, search engine optimization, content generation, site optimization, facebook page promotion etc.  Feel free to contact us for more information